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Tango Application Design

Project Requirements: art direction, Web design, information architecture redesign and template development.

Creation of engaging content — improving our cient's relationship with their customers.

MetLife, a multi-billion dollar financial insurance group approached Spider's Web to manage the launch of a number of their subsidiaries' web identities. To date, Spider's Web continues to provide a full range of web services for MetLife and their product groups.

Goal: Redesign an antiquated Loan Origination System so that all information from lead, to application, to loan was presented in a very user friendly format.

Scope: Resign an internal web based loan origination system called Tango, for reverse mortgages. The primary focus was to focus more on the organization of the content so that the various user groups (Lead Mgt, loan officers, Underwriters, Finance...etc.) could navigate effectively and retrieve the necessary information. The secondary focus was to create a design that allowed for the content to be displayed in a format that was very user friendly.