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MetLife Home Loans

Loan Officer Micro Sites

Project Requirements: art direction, Web design, template production and development.

Creation of engaging content — improving our cient's relationship with their customers.

MetLife, a multi-billion dollar financial insurance group approached Spider's Web to manage the launch of a number of their subsidiaries' web identities. To date, Spider's Web continues to provide a full range of web services for MetLife and their product groups.

Goal: Redesign loan officer websites while maintaining a strong and consistent brand identity and introducing the consumer to the the loan process via a local agent.

Scope: The primary objective was to create a complete customizable redesign for the 1,200+ traditional loan officers and 500 reverse mortgage consultants. It was our focus to create a user experience that was not only intuitive, but one that also allowed for the consumer to efficiently retrieve and digest content that was crucial in the loan origination process. The combination of interactive design & informational architecture was at the forefront of our approach, and the conversion flow needed to be considered at every touch point.