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Branding Campaign

Project Requirements: Identity creation, & all branding assets.

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George Corbo runs a translation service with focus on English and Spanish languages.

Spider's Web ultimately proposed a logo which combined her initials into a custom 'fonticon' (that's right, we're aiming to coin 2016's Word of the Year). The icon features audio waves (the twin, curved segments at the crown) which represent the spoken language - the sound is depicted as entering the 'ear' of the fonticon and exiting its 'mouth'. Use of color serves to illustrate the change in language, representing translation.

George Corbo Hero Image

Our services include project advisory, project management, information architecture, graphic design, interactive design and frontend programming. For projects with extensive backend requirements, Spider's Web liaisons with Industry affiliates and freelance professionals to deliver tailored solutions customized to each of our clients' unique project needs.

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